Privacy Policy

Items and purposes of collection and use of personal information

1. The purpose of collecting personal information by WWF (World Wonhwado Federation) is to provide optimized and customized services by confirming the identity of users and their intention to use the service. WWF(World Wonhwado Federation) collects only the minimum information necessary to facilitate service provision at the time of initial membership registration, and additional information necessary for the use of services provided by the World Wonhwado Federation (WWF) can be additionally collected.

2. WWF(World Wonhwado Federation) shall not use personal information for purposes other than collection and use purposes or provide it to third parties without the consent of the user.

3. WWF (World Wonhwado Federation) may collect and use personal information for the following contents and purposes.
1) Name (Korean), name (English), name (Chinese character), gender, country of belonging: leaders training registration, volunteer group registration, demonstration team registration, Dojang(Wonhwado School) registration, contest application and operation, administrative processing, etc.
2) E-mail address, mobile phone number: communication such as confirmation of the person's intention, administrative processing, and guidance of service information and notices

4. The following information can be automatically generated and collected during service use or business processing.
1) IP address, date of visit, service use record: prevention of illegal use, prevention of unauthorized use, etc.

5. When collecting personal information of users, WWF (World Wonhwado Federation) always collecting obtain the consent of users. Information(race, ideology, political orientation, criminal record, health status, etc.) that may infringe on the user's basic human rights  is not collected without the consent of the user. Exceptionally, it can be collected if the user has consented or in accordance with the provisions of the law.

6.WWF(World Wonhwado Federation) can only be registered by persons 14 years of age or older. and In principle, personal information of children under the age of 14 who needs the consent of a legal representative for the collection and use of personal information is not collected.

7. WWF (World Wonhwado Federation) can collect personal information in the following ways.
1) Homepage, paper, fax, consultation using telephone
2) Automatic collection through generated information collection tool

8. In principle, personal information of users is retained and used only during the service use period, and will be destroyed without delay when the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved.

9. When the retention period is notified in advance by WWF(World Wonhwado Federation) and the retention period has not elapsed, and when the user's consent is obtained individually, the retention period shall be preserved for the contracted period.

10. The period of retention and use of collected personal information is from the time of membership registration to withdrawal application or ex officio withdrawal. In addition, upon termination of consent, the WWF (World Wonhwado Federation) destroys the user's personal information without delay, except for data stored for a certain period of time according to the reasons for retaining the information specified above. And personal information entrusted to a third party is instructed to be destroyed by the trustee.

11. If you refuse to consent to the collection and use, the use of membership services provided by WWF(World Wonhwado Federation) is restricted.