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About WonwhadoTraining System
About Wonwhado
Training System
Wonhwado's Hyung is a technical system composed of basic movements so that the trainees can cultivate the movements that will allow them to offend and defend against an imaginary opponent. In particular, the shape of Wonhwado is composed of 40 Hyeong(types) with 5 basic Hyeong(types) in each direction, centering on 8 directions, using the basic motion of the circular motion.
The basic progression of the forms is as follows:
  1. JMGB (JeongMyeonGongBang) (Front)
  2. PWGB (PyeongWaeGongBang) (Left)
  3. HMGB (HuMyunGongBang) (Back)
  4. PNGB (PyungNaeGongBang) (Right)
Diagonal Directions:
  1. CWGB (CheukWaeGongBang)
  2. JWGB (JuWaeGongBang)
  3. JNGB (JuNaeGongBang)
  4. CNGB (ChukNaeGongBang)
Students learn the basic motions of spherical movement centering on forms and repetitions. Emphasis on the very basics of circular motion will enable practitioners to find their own solutions in self-defense and offense situations. In order to reach this stage, diligent and constant practice of the very basics is the key. "Quality over Quantity" and "Depth over Width”.
A system specific for Wonhwado style sparring is currently being organised and made. The focus of this sparring will be to enable Wonhwado's motions to naturally emerge during free sparring. The other focus of the sparring will be on preventing injury and serious harm, as that idea aligns with the philosophy and principles of WonHwaDo. Protective gear will also be made in the future to facilitate WHD sparring.
Wonhwado is trained by examining one's own state through breathing and meditation, controlling the mind, and applying training methods such, basic Hyeong(forms), applied movements, and Dae-ryeon (sparring) while in state of meditation.. In particular, Wonhwado's meditation training helps one to maintain a calm state of mind when confronting the other person while also building confidence.