About WWFOfficials
About WWF

Grand Master

Name Affiliation and status
Ikhoon Cho Present Director, Wonhwawon

Board of Directors

Position Name Affiliation and status
President Yongsik Cho President of the World Wonhwdo Federation
Vice President Seok-ho Kang Vice president of the World Wonhwado Federation
Secretary general Jaenam Ryu Secretary general of the World Wonhwado Federation
Director Jae-seop Baek
Director Byung-yoon Lim Inspector
Director Dong-guk Kim Inspector
Director Seungyeon Byun
Director Hyunhee Lee Director in charge of outreach
Director Insoo Kim Current Director of Education, World Wonhwado Federation
Director Wonchang Lee Current Director, Public Relations Office, World Wonhwado Federation
Director Jong-geun Park Current Director of Planning, World Wonhwado Federation
Director Hyungseok Han Current Director of International Communication, World Wonhwado Federation