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About WWF

Thank you for visiting the website of the World Wonhwado Federation.

One day in 1973 when the spring breeze blew, nearly 50 years have passed since I first met Great Grand Master Bong-gi Han in Cheongju. From the days of Jangan-dong, Hwayang-ri, to Cheongpyeong, Bongcheon-dong, Masan, and Jongno, sometimes as the elder brother, and sometimes as the partner of Wonhwado, he walked the path of Wonhwado together. Precious memories of that day pass by like a lantern.
Even in the midst of many ups and downs during those years, I realize that we are moving forward one step at a time with the encouragement and devotion of the interested Wonhwado People. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the Wonhwado People around the world who have worked hard to take that one step forward. Because of these people, Wonhwado can dream of tomorrow.
I sincerely hope that the more beautiful, happier, and more peaceful Wonhwa ideal world that Wonhwado pursues will come.

Grand Master Ik-Hoon Cho, Director of Wonhwawon.

Thank you to Wonhwado People for your interest and love.

What makes Wonhwado different from other martial arts is that it pursues the Way of Sammu. Generally speaking, martial arts refer to techniques for attack and defense.
However, Wonhwado refers to the Mudo(武道) as the Mudo(武道) of rule and order, the first Mudo(巫道) that know the sky and the second Mudo(舞道) that live together as conformity and harmony. Taken together, it is call the three Mu(巫舞武).
I believe that when these three things give and receive well in our lives, our mind and body, you and me, and we can walk a more beautiful and peaceful path of coexistence.
I would like to express my gratitude to the many Wonhwado People living in various parts of the world by practicing the ideals and philosophy of Wonhwado in their lives. Although we cannot be together in one place due to physical space and time, we sincerely hope that this website will become a place of communication, exchange, harmony and cooperation.

Yong-sik Cho, the world president of the World Wonhwado Federation