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About WWF
About WWF
Business goals & Functions

Goals as an Organisation

Wonhwado is a martial art that inherits the Korean tradition and the militaristic spirit of Korean. We pursue a community of “win-win” living together by spreading the spirit of “sammu” and the culture of “hwa(harmony)” to Korea and the world that Wonhwado pursues. In addition, it contributes to the improvement of healthy mental and physical health of mankind by using various gestures of hwa(harmony) made up of circular movements. In addition, it contributes to spreading the spirit of Sammu in the world , that heaven(天), humans(人), and nature(地) are harmonized.


Theorization and diffusion of Sammu

  • Textbook publishing business
  • Wonhwado Academic Conference and Journal Publication Project
  • Collection and publication of Wonhwado related data

A sense of community

  • Next-generation won-do leader training project
  • Host and supervise the World Wonhwado Leader Training
  • Development and dissemination of sports programs in Wonhwado
  • Examination and supervision of Seunghwa(advancement)
  • Federation member countries support and business cooperation

Organization and securing the foundation for self-reliance

  • Profitable business for financing necessary for the Federation's business execution
  • Deliberation and decision on the basic policy for the organization of Wonhwado
  • Technical research and improvement of Wonhwado
  • Various business for mutual friendship, information exchange, and development among world martial arts organizations
  • Research and development of business and programs for public health and education for the whole person
  • Wonhwado Central Training Center'Wonhwawon (圓和苑)' Construction Project: A project to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Grand Master Han Bongki