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Slovak WonHwaDo Summer camp 2019

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This annual Slovak Summer Won Hwa Do Festival took place from 1st to 5th August 2019 in Zilina’s Dojang in Zilina city. 

About 40 participants joined this event where they trained, shared their experiences and created a good atmosphere together. Students were divided into groups according their age, mental and technical level. 

During these five days each group joined 13 trainings. Trainings were leaded by different masters, so students experienced many different aspects.

At the end of this event participants joined the festival where they performed a demonstration either as individuals or as groups and shared their joy of the martial art Won Hwa Do with others.

Our students had also opportunity to join a belt promotion in front of the Slovak Won Hwa Do Association. Congratulations to all successfully promoted students.

We are looking forward to see you during the next World Won Hwa Do Festival which will take place on 1st-5th August 2020 again in Slovakia after 20 years.

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